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The dog barked at the back yard, while the eagle flew after the dark. And I....

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The dog barked at the back yard, while the eagle flew after the dark. And I....


the_dog_1 performed at Gebläsen Halle Ilsede, Germany 2009                                                Photo: Reinhard Lutz

The “The dog barked at the back yard, the eagle flew after the dark ,and I………. “ performance is one of a series of my study of what I called as “performance poetry”. Performance poetry is an approach as the reverse of the dematerialization of subject matter into text. The performance poetry, in my term is creating a set of actions, using body and materials and therefore enters the immediate text perception buildings of the recipients. The performance actions create the poetry situation, which actively involve the audience’s personal interpretation. Different than the approach I used in my other works, in performance poetry as the method of creating the performance art work, I provide a kind of line that serve a clear textual line. I call the public here as the active participatory perceiver.
As the performer myself, I am also part of the process of building the text. Here I become both the active participant as well as the guide.

“The dog barked at the back yard, the eagle flew after the dark ,and I………. “ itself was meant to be repeated in different situation. By using the similar main materials I provided different kind of guidelines to activate the public participatory in building their poetry in their minds.

In one of this series, the text I wrote was:

The dog barked at the back yard,
The eagle flew after the dark,
And I……….
got the black letter you sent in my hands
My sorrow you’ve sent back as it seems
The black envelope, I dare not to open
Until I turned my silence down into the sound of lost
like those we heard when we sat once in the darkness
The sound of uncertain waves from our fears
I stick the sound on the ground, as it should not leave me alone
And reminded me to the time I swore
For the endless walk I will accompany you
Then you left me behind, with those empty flowerpots we wanted to grow our seeds
You left me and forgot your promises without harm neither hurt
I covered the pain under the red cloth
The hammer inside the black letters envelope was your message
The decision you never said
And I only could change the flowerpots into a form of my heart
Like a lonely fish at the end
I hide myself under the silence of the endless waves

At the other time and space, my text was:

I remember the sound of the waves you whispered in my ears
It remains in the ground I left
For the promise we have had committed
On the land we wanted to grow our seeds
You see what has been left in the history of our land
I see the empty flowerpots, without seed neither soil
I never meant to break our commitment
But you sent me a black letter
With dust and hammer
My destiny fell into pieces
Upon our path I only see as red
I wish I were drown myself into the water
Singing like a fish, and forget that sound you’ve aver whispered

Duration of the performance: 30 minutes

Performed at

“Art of the Encountering”, Gebläser Halle, Ilsede and Hildesheim, Germany, 2009
“International Performance Art Festival”, Turbinen Halle, Giswill, Switzerland
“undisclosed territory #4”, Padepokan Lemah Putih, Solo, Indonesia, 2010
„Future of Imagination“, Sculpture Square, Singapore, 2010                                                                 “Trouble” festival, Les Halles, Brussels, Belgium, 2010


the_dog_3 performed at Gebläsen Halle Ilsede, Germany 2009                                                Photo: Reinhard Lutz





the_dog_9 the_dog_10

the_dog_7                   performed at Sculpture Square, Singapore                                                Photo: FOI












the_dog_22               performed at Turbinen Halle, Giswill                                        









The_Dog_les_Halles_9 performed at Les Halles, Brussels, 2010             Photo: video Stills