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Kashya-kashya muttiku
Der Sekundentraum

Bubble Jam

Exergie-butter dance

Lullaby for the Ancestors

Love me Tender

Why let the chicken run?

Risk in Plurality


The Promise

Ale Lino

The Ballad of Treasures

Boundaries that lie

The Black Ball

The Komodo FIles
Deformed Ethic of a Relationship 2.0
Deformed Ethic of a Relationship 1.0

The Fermata

The Visible Undone Behaviour


Cruise Control

Height of Limerence

My FIngers are the Triggers

I Love You

Perception of Patterns in Timeless Influence

The Seed

Silent Trip




Sonnete number 25

The dog barked at the back yard, while the eagle flew after the dark. And I....

When the box was opened, the fog disappeared. Alienation of the stone

I put a spell on you

Excused me, Sir!
Passionate Pilgrim

Exergie - butter dance extended

Feather fell down from the silence

Almost there

Feathers fall from nowhere

Kein Spiel
Conversation with the Black


Beethoven Sonata Marathon

Mama never bought me a pair of jeans trousers

John Cage_Song Books
I'm a ghost in my own house
Sweet dreams sweet
The Dust



Deformed Ethic of a Relationship 2.0 in collaboration with Oliver Blomeier


Deformed_Ethic_of_a_relationship_2_0_1 performed at the Galeria Civica, Trento in 2005  

Deformed Ethic of a relationship 2.0 is a work which consists of a live performance, installation and video. Blomeier and Suryodarmo expose contradictions that may appear in a relationship, and project the deformation process of a relationship. They presume that the process of deformation has begun as soon as an unsynchronized incitement within the relationship becomes visible.

The performance took in two places at the same time. Oliver Blomeier performed at the Galeria Civica trento while Melati Suryodarmo performed in Denpasar, Bali. Both were connected through a live transmition of a telephone conversation. A video letter made in Bali was sent to Trento. The letter was opened and projected at the performance space at the Galeria Civica Trento. Accompanying this performance, an installation of beds caves and sounds are provided for the public.

Duration: 3 hours

Performed during the "Galeria del' amour" at the Galeria Civica, Trento in 2005

Deformed_Ethic_of_a_relationship_2_0_2 Deformed_Ethic_of_a_relationship_2_0_3

Deformed_Ethic_of_a_relationship_2_0_4 Deformed_Ethic_of_a_relationship_2_0_5 video stills

Deformed_Ethic_of_a_relationship_2_0_11 Deformed_Ethic_of_a_relationship_2_0_12 performed at the Galeria Civica, Trento in 2005  

The Installation View



Deformed_Ethic_of_a_relationship_2_0_8  Deformed_Ethic_of_a_relationship_2_0_9


Photo by Till Steinbrenner