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Der Sekundentraum




Der Sekundentraum was performed for the first time in 1998 in Hannover Germany. This work was inspired by the cultural confrontation the artist‘s dealing with as a foreigner. It represents the effort of finding an identity. Hundreds of clothes which I had personaly collected during her first years of migration. They reflect the ambiguity, doubts and replacements.
In the performance, she folded and piled the clothes, messed them up again and put on one by one until she could not move anymore. She said she was dealing with a system which has included her into a kind of preset behavior. But since she moved to another country, she had to give them up and starting again from the beginning. The work refers to the accumulation of life stories , experiences and situations that create rules they later destroy.

sekundentraum4  sekundentraum2
Performed at the Finally - 24 hours event, Kunstverein Hannover, 1998  Photo: Reinhard Lutz

Description about the performance:
Hundreds of clothes in various colours are lying on the floor. I pack and fold the clothes and pile up one after the other. I mess up the clothes. I put off the clothes I am wearing and
starting to put on those clothes lying on the floor one upon the other until I become fat and stucked
title: der sekundentraum

Der_Sekundentraum_1 Der_Sekundentraum_2

Der_Sekundentraum_3 Der_Sekundentraum_4

Der_Sekundentraum_5 Der_Sekundentraum_6

Performed at Performance Art Festival at Schloss Salzau, Germany 2005      Photo: Till Steinbrenner

Der_Sekundentraum_10  Der_Sekundentraum_12  Der_Sekundentraum_13

Performed at World House TV Weimar, 1999

Der_Sekundentraum_7 Der_Sekundentraum_8

Performed at Badenwuttembergischen Kunstverein Stuttgart, 2004


Performed at International Performance Festival Odense, Denmark, 1999

Der_Sekundentraum_14 Der_Sekundentraum_15 Der_Sekundentraum_16 18

19 20

Performed at the Indonesian Pavillion at the Art Stage Singapore 2013

Duration: 1 hour
Music: „bei mir bist du schön“ Andrew Sisters
Material: ca. 300 pcs of clothes; portable CD player
Year of first created 1998
Performed at: Finally, Kunstverein Hannover, 1998; Fresh Air, World House TV, Weimar 1999; International Performance Festival Odense, Denmark, 1999; Performance Abend, Orangerie, Köln, 2000; Wuttebergischen Kunstverein Stuttgart 2004; International Performance Art festival, Schloss Salzau 2005, Indonesian Pavillion at ArtStage Singapore 2013